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Dianetics is the science of thought and a technique that enables an individual to work and free oneself from past negative experiences.

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Dianetics Auditing Counseling

Ask Yourself:-
  • Are you feeling any emotional discomforts of pain from a loss, anxiety or relationship?

  • Are you experiencing stress, depression and want to take control of your life?

  • Can the underlying cause in strange and sudden shifts in personality be undone?

  • Do past bad experiences play a role in irrational behavior today?

  • Can Dianetics put an end to negative internal dialogue?

  • The goal and journey of Dianetics is to be free of all these negative experiences and assist one to reach their greatest and highest potential.

    Dianetics Auditing. counseling


    Before my Dianetics Auditing session, I felt a little anxious as I did not know what to expect. Christine carefully explained the Dianetics Auditing counseling to me. After my session, I felt the incident covered cleared my emotions and gave me a stable and better understanding of what had taken place in my life, I feel much clearer and recommend Christine as her approach to delivering Dianetics Auditing was very professional. She is very caring and has a very calming voice. I look forward towards continuing my Dianetics Auditing Counseling with her. DW.

    Christine has been very helpful with assisting me through a difficult time - she listens carefully and advices with compassion and understanding. I look forward to working with her closely moving forward. AP

    Christine has been my Dianetics Auditor Counselor since I began my therapy. It has been a real pleasure working with her. It was obvious from the moment we met that she was truly motivated by helping people feel better and improving their wellbeing. I cannot recommend her enough! Joshua.

    With the Dianetics Auditing sessions, I was able to release a lot of hidden pain and traumas that was sitting within myself unknowly. These were causing me not to be able to reach some of my true potential in life and which was possibly holding me back at times. With the support of Christine, I was allowed to be myself and unfold these dark areas of my life and be able to advance into new areas, that I have been previously having problems with before, all thanks to Christine and her professionalism in the way she audited me. I am very grateful to her for all she has done for me both emotionally and physically. SWM

    I have worked with Christine as a Dianetics Auditor and it has always been a pleasure. Christine is very professional and caring with her clients and there is a mutual respect and trust between them. I would highly recommend Christine as a Dianetics Auditor as she gets fantastic results and helps people improve conditions in life. Veslyn

    Link to Introduction

    The 'Introduction to Dianetics', gives you a little insight of what Dianetics is about. Introduction to Dianetics

    If you are interested in receiving Dianetics Auditing Counseling, discuss it futher or would like to make an appointment, please contact me by email or call 07368 218262.

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    You can read more about Dianetics by purchasing the book called 'Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health' by L Ron Hubbard or any of the Dianetics products below:-
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    The word is from the Greek dianous (dia, "through," and nous, "mind" or "soul". It is a therapy founded by L. Ron Hubbard. (Dianetics: The Modern Science Of Mental Health).

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