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Spa Foot Massage can be beneficial after being constantly on your feet and moving around.

Spa Foot Massage

Spa Foot Massage. candle

The built-up of stress can become overwhelming on your feet which causes soreness and pain.

Spa Foot Massage. footspa

Here are some benefits of having a spa foot massage.

  • Relieves sore and achy feet

  • Sooth stress and anxiety

  • Assist in massaging and relaxing the delicate nerve endings in your feet

  • Relieve muscular and nerve pain

  • Promotes better sleep

  • Makes feet healthier

  • Extra Tip:It has been found that massaging your feet with warm Lavender oil or coconut oil can give much relief from the pain and inflammation caused by foot tendonitis.

    Spa Foot Massage. herbaloil

    Christine's reflexology and foot spa treatment was the perfect way to relax and unwind after a busy week. The Himalayan salt scrub was amazing and the reflexology was very soothing and calming. I felt completely relaxed afterwards. Thanks Christine. Kate.

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