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Crystal Healing


Crystal Healing Treatments can be very rewarding.

The use of crystals, gemstones were verified to have aid better health in and can be found from the ancient civilisation some of which are Egypt, Native American and China and have been around for over thousands of years. These were long used for Wellness purposes, however, recently they have become very popular.


Crystal Healing session

Each crystal hold its own vibrational frequency as well as the colours of crystals having their own vibrational rate and frequency. Additionally as we know, each chakra is linked to specific colours and this has a direct link to certain uses and properties of various diffent crystals. From 2018, healing crystals has become very popular and through this there has been a huge rise.



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After welcoming you on your first visit a brief discussion will be given to ascertain an overall picture of your general health and lifestyle. This initial conversation is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions or concerns that you may have about the treatment session.

Healing with crystals


  • The client is made comfortable on treatment couch,
  • Then the individual will have a body scan to confirm with intuition and the use of a pendulum to identify the chakras that are imbalance,
  • It is important to tune into the client's energy field to connect with them,
  • Crystals are carefully placed on chakras to assist the body's own ability to heal,
  • The crystals that are used are carefully selected for each chakra.
Some of the crystals used are: Rose Quartz,  Clear quartz, Amethyst, Tigers Eye and Black Tourmaline (just to name a few). Crystal healing can be incorporated with reflexology and reiki treatments also very rewarding.



"Christine, thank you so much for the time you spent taking me through the Crystal Healing sessions and explaining what you were doing. I could feel the heat from your hands. I felt relaxed and energised. You are a gifted healer." Thank you. Dana.


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