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Reflexology Packages




Enjoy this package deal of 3 sessions @ £65 an hour, the third session is half price.

Total: £162.50




Maternity Reflexology

You can book anyone of our maternity reflexology packages on offer:- 

This is a wonderful first maternity reflexology package to give you the opportunity to enjoy these wonderful treatments and see the benefits at the end of your session.

For 3 sessions @ £65 for 60mins with the 3rd session half price is: £162.50.





For 4 sessions @ £65 for 60 mins with 4th session half price is £227.50.



Hot Stone Reflexology

Places you in a meditative state and provides deep relaxation.  The heat enhances the effects of the treatment, boosting circulation and cell metabolism and stimulate your lymphatic and digestive systems.  It essentially helps your body to find balance and work more efficiently.

For 3 sessions @ £70 for 60 mins with 3rd session half price is £175.00.



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